Lion District 1-M Directory – Off line

Thanks to somebody using our directory for SCAM CRAP!

I have taken the District Directory off line!!! Please check the email address from anyone who send to you asking for money as this scam is using the Club President’s name and the imposter is asking for an immediate transfer to pay a extreme amount of money to be transferred out of club funds!! is an email address attached to such emails.I will be forwarding this email to Law Enforcement Officials.

Please call me if you need any lion info!

Lion Brad

Help Us Promote the Centennial Coin!!!!!


Centennial Coin Update

Dear Centennial Coordinator,


You’ve been doing an outstanding job promoting our Centennial programs and activities to your clubs—and we appreciate your efforts. Now we need your help promoting the Lions Centennial Coin. Sales aren’t meeting expectations, and if this trend continues, the U.S. Mint may cease production as minting additional coins is based entirely on sales expectations.


We can’t let that happen, and here’s why. US$10 is authorized to be paid to Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) for every coin sold, but only after the U.S. Mint recoups its costs. If we sell all 400,000 coins of the planned mintage, US$4 million will be given to LCIF to support our global humanitarian initiatives. Just imagine how many more people we could help!


The next time you speak to your clubs, tell them that the Centennial silver dollar coin is the most impressive item of Lions’ memorabilia that has ever been offered. These exquisitely-crafted coins also give Lions a chance to own a lasting reminder of our 100 years of service. And, they’re a great way to support LCIF programs.


To support your efforts, we developed two short videos to share with your clubs, which you will find on the coin webpage. Also, the coin order form is now available in all Lion languages when purchasing through Club Supplies from the coin page.


So, please encourage Lions to purchase a coin on your club visits. Bring your own coin to these events so Lions can see the beauty and value of this limited-edition coin for themselves.


With your help, we can make this program a success.


Best regards,

Your Lions Clubs Centennial Celebration Team