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Paris Lions Christmas Party 2017



Lion Ron giving Christmas For Kids Donation

Lion Ron Giving Comm. Nurse Food Baskets Donation

Lion Ron Giving Lion Mario Camp Lions Donation

Lion Brad Giving Lion Ken The Melvin Jones Award

Lion Mario Giving Lion Amy her Second Foundation Fellow

Lions Melissa & Chris

Lions Velda & Dan

Lions Candy & Ken w/guests

Lion Dean & Coralie

Lion Brad & Sharon

Lion Darren & guest

Lion Bill & Pam

Lion Ron & Lorma

Lions Kevin & Jani

Lion Crystal

Lion Carol

Guest Speaker Lion Jim

Paris Club Candy Days

Guess who has come out of hibernation…….none other that Leo Newstale.

Paris Club

Leo’s Charles & Jayden

Leo, Jayden, Charles, & Tom.

Lion Brian & Lion Elisha


Lion Dean.




Mattoon Lions Club Oct. ’17

President’s Message: Greeting everyone.

Oct. 6 & 7 we have candy day. We need ALL Lions for this to be a successful event. Oct. 8th is the District 1-M cabinet meeting at 2 p.m. at the Arthur community building and everyone is invited to attend. Oct. 28th is the 1-M District Convention at Effingham. Lion Elmer has the application forms. Lions Club International at the 100th anniversary in Chicago made diabetes a fifth main focus for the next five to ten years.   Do you know the first four main focuses? Sept. 30th was our highway cleanup for 2017. We had three Lions plus one visitor..  We got the job done. Remember – “Power in Service”, “We Serve Better Together”

               Lion Jim Arnholt, President



November: Meeting dates:

Nov. 2 (6 p.m.),     Nov. 19 (noon)

Nov. 6th – RSVP for Zone 5 mtg @ Kansas

Christian Church to LB

Nov. 13th – Zone 5 Mtg @ Kansas 6:30 p.m

$10.00 for meal

December: Meeting dates:

Dec. 7 (6 p.m.),       Dec.21 (noon)

Dec. ___ Peterson Park Lights ??

Dec. ____ Santa Visitation Prog.??



November Prog. Coord: Lion Alex Kyle

Nov. 2nd

Nov. 16th

Eyeglass/Hearing Aids Committee:

Lions Arnholt & M. Fox reported the following:

Req   Appr. P.   Req Appr  P        Collected

               Glasses                H.Aids    Glasses   H.Aids

July    0   0    2   0     0   2  132     2

Aug.    1   0     3     0   0 2   244     0

Sept.     8 11   0    0   0  2   236     3

YTD Tot     11    0        0     0 2 612      5


MINT SALES (Deposits):

July – no deposit, Aug. $135.54, Sept. 124.07


October: Khin Laij, Larry Bales, Leann Brackney, Kathy Cavitt, Nancy Ross, Myrna Voudrie; Bruce & Kathy Cavitt, Gary & Renee Witt

Doing the Highway Clean-up 9-30-2017

LB’s sister, Theresa Stevens, with tape and snake skin… check LB facebook for more.

MCFC Receives $ 3,000.00 Sweet Corn $$ 

  1. Voudrie, B. Clark, J. Clark, J. Arnholt

Janet Clark is holding the $3,000.00 check from the Lions club which represents the proceeds from the sweet corn sales in July & August.   This is the 15th year the Lions Club has sponsored this fund raiser for the Food Bank. Rev. Bob Clark is one of the group who started the current food center when churches in the community had their own food pantry and the group formed the MCFC to replace the food pantries in the churches. He has been hands and feet for the food center.   His wife, Janet now carries on the task of helping keep the center running with NO PAID staff.   Shown in the background are the boxes of commodities for their clients on distribution days (M-W-F afternoons and Thursday evening).   These boxes are pre-packed by volunteer youth groups in the community churches and scouts. The empty boxes on the top shelf are gifts from the various businesses that sell bananas, waiting to be pre-packed. The sweet corn is planted by Lion John Doty and gives it to the club for the project.   When the corn matures, it is pulled by the club and brought to Logan & Broadway for the sales to local customers. Corn not sold at the end of the day goes to the food center for distribution to their clients. The Lions THANK all who helped in this fundraiser.

       Zone 5 Meeting @ Oakland

         Mattoon Lions in front row (seated)

Speaker, Tina Huston, told the lions to find what fits best (things you enjoy doing) and do it well. She also said to do things that advertise your club while SERVING your community.  

Lions SERVING our community

  1. Brackney, E. Voudrie, J. Arnholt

         and LB’s sister, Theresa Stevens              

Doing the Highway cleanup Saturday @ 7 a.m. were THREE LIONS and a guest.   Yes, we did a 2 mile walk picking up trash etc. You never know what you will find.  Check out LB’s facebook for more pictures, etc.



Mattoon Lions Club Sep. ’17

President’s Message:

2nd Vice President Bob Kious is the program chairman for September. All Lions need to attend ALL the regular meetings possible. (Editor note: The agenda is NOT a repeat – we have different speakers, business & reports). Our next fundraising event is the annual Candy Day scheduled for October 6 & 7 (Friday & Saturday) with Lion Michael Stopka as chairman. DO YOUR PART and volunteer to SERVE. For this event to be a success all lions need to participate. Like JD said.. it is a AHOD. (I like ALOD also.) Read the July-August Lions Magazine to find out about the recent statue which was dedicated and the accomplishment of Lion Richard Byrd 91 years ago. Remember – “Power in Service”, “We Serve Better Together”

               Lion Jim Arnholt, President


Sept 21 – 7 &Lions Mtg Dates 6 pm/12 noon

Sept. 10th – Club Officers Trng -SBL Ed Ctr

Sept. 10th – Board Mtg 6 p.m. @ JA home    

Sept. 18th-Zone 5 Mtg. Oakland Methodist Church , 6 p.m., $8.00 meal, RSVP 9-11-17

Oct. 5 & 19–Lions Mtg Dates 6 pm/12 noon

Oct. 6-7 –Mattoon Lions Candy Day AHOD

Oct. 16th – Peace Poster entries due.. to LB

May 15th-Dist. 1-M Photo Contest deadline


September Prog. Coord: Lion Bob Kious

Sept. 7th – Abby Miller, Service dog

Sept. 21st – Skip Renfro, 12 step Recovery


August: John Doty, Gary Witt, Barbara Marquis; Randall & Nancy Ross, Jim & Vivian Martin, Gary & Barbara Marquis

September: John Pugh, Sid Guill, Vivian Martin, Susan Pugh, Jeanne Hart, Marianna Hayes, Renee Witt; Bruce & Kathy Cavitt, Gary & Renee Witt

Eyeglass/Hearing Aids Committee:

Lions Arnholt & M. Fox reported the following:

Req   Appr. P.   Req Appr  P        Collected

               Glasses                H.Aids    Glasses   H.Aids

July    0   0    2   0     0   2  132     2

Aug.    1   3     0     0    0   3   244     0

YTD Tot 3   3    0      0     0   3 376        2

MINT SALES (Deposits):

July – no deposit, Aug. $135.54, Sept. ____

News from Lions International, Bob Corlew, President:

Lions Club membership is continuing to grow. “I am pleased to announce that we just surpassed our all-time membership record of 1,445,591 lions.”

As a result of some organizational changes, LCI and LCIF is looking toward our new century. “We seek to triple our humanitarian impact by serving 200 million people annually.

To meet the growing challenges facing our world, we have created a service model for the 21st century with five service platforms: diabetes, environment, hunger relief, pediatric cancer and vision. These are large and ambitious areas for service, but we have the history and track record of success to help guide us.”  Think about your service projects. Can a LCIF grant make your projects more impactful to your community?

September Meeting dates:

Sept. 7 (6 p .m.),   Sept. 21 (noon)

Sept. 10th – Zone 4-5-6 Officers Trng @ Sarah Bush Ed Ctr   2-4 p.m. (lb,ja,ev)

Sept. 10th–Board Mtg @ JA home 6 p.m

Sept. 18th – Zone 5 Mtg 6 p.m. @ Oakland Methodist Church $8.00 meal

Sept. 30th – Highway Clean-up 7 a.m. Meet at Coles Moultrie

October: Meeting dates:    

Oct. 5 (6 p.m.),     Oct. 19 (noon)

Oct. 6 – Nominations for Dist 1-M Officers due

Oct. 6 &7 – Candy Day week end (Friday & Saturday) AHOD @ Logan & Broadway

Oct. 8th – 1-M Cabinet Meeting – Arthur

Oct. 16th – Peace Poster Entries Due

Oct. 27-28 – 1-M Dist. Convention @ Keller Convention Center in Effingham

November: Meeting dates:

Nov. 2 (6 p.m.),     Nov. 19 (noon)

Nov. 6th – RSVP for Zone 5 mtg @ Kansas Christian Church to LB

Nov. 13th – Zone 5 Mtg @ Kansas 6:30 p.m $10.00 meal

December: Meeting dates:

Dec. 7 (6 p.m.),       Dec.21 (noon)

Dec. ___ Peterson Park Lights ??

Dec. ____ Santa Visitation Prog.??

Where did summer go?????

Yep…they say it is now fall!

What does FALL have for us to do??   See the schedule above.. Fall means … harvest.. sharing our bounty… storms…

disaster relief, etc… are you looking ahead to WINTER?



Lions fund raiser for Mattoon Community Food Center selling sweet corn.. July & Aug.

FALL – Harvest: Sharing bounty:                                  

Produce on way to Community Food Center

District Governor Lori Bennett Message

Greetings Lions!

The first quarter of the new century of service is in the books, my friends. 75% of the 63 clubs in District 1M have taken the time to share their thoughts during the official visit, and for this I am truly grateful.   Inspired by you, the recruitment information with stories from right here in District 1M will be available at the District Convention. Another great source of information is to attend local Zone Meetings to connect with other clubs, share ideas and offer a neighborly helping hand. Sometimes, just knowing someone cares can make a huge difference.

The race is on! How exciting to have a challenged race for a volunteer position in district leadership. Each of the candidates can be found in your district directory. Contact the candidates, share ideas, and VOTE at your District Convention on Oct 28th in Effingham. Check your information to qualify as a delegate and represent your club’s voice.

The Mobile Training Team has completed the circuit. For many of us, it was great to put a face with the names we see in the directory or on MyLCI. On behalf of the team, I would like to offer you any continued support you may need. We have a goal to serve the needs of the Lions who serve our communities, and we hope you give us a call.

District Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer: Lion Brad Cash (Paris Lions Club) Much like your club officers, Lion Brad’s has been responsible for the reports and records of the district for over 10 years. The District Secretary/Treasurer is the first line of communication from your International Association, and has an endless stockpile of information to help clubs remain in good standing with LCI and governmental agencies.

Second Vice District Governor: Lion David Johnson (Mt Zion Lions Club) Lion Dave will go that extra mile to help where needed. With his hands-on approach, SVDG David has attended Council, Cabinet, Zone and Club meetings, and has been a huge help planning the District Convention. If you’re looking for a way to expand your service in your zone or district, contact SVDG David Johnson.

First Vice District Governor: Lion Darren VanDuyn (Westville Lions Club) Lion Darren is focused on the new century of service. SVDG Darren is an instrumental part of the function of the district as part of the Mobile Training, the District Convention and more. If you’re looking for inspiring ideas, motivation &/or assistance with club functions, contact FVDG Darren VanDuyn.

I look forward to continuing the journey through District 1M, and sharing the pride that is


Thank you for all you do,

District Governor Lori Bennett

Serving the Lions of East Central Illinois

Facebook msg: Lion Lori Bennett